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From Europe to Asia

We’ve just reached Lake Baikal after spending four days on the Trans-Siberian railway. We have travelled about 5,000k across Russia and Siberia and on the third day we passed from Europe into Asia. Our excellent Lonely Planet guide book said the was some sort of obelisk you can see out of the window to mark it, but we missed it. We must have been too busy playing card games, reading and drinking vodka obviously.

The train is an experience; 4 days and nights on a train, wandering between carriages and watching the world roll by is the only thing you can do. Worth more writing about at a later date.

The time on the train passed pretty well because we keep going through time zones so we are now 8 hours ahead of the UK. It was nice to reach Irkutsk and spend the day and night by the world’s deepest lake. It’s been rainy and cold, but we had to go for a swim while we were here, which was pretty cold at 15 degrees.

Lake Baikal swimming

We’re back on the train tonight and will head into Mongolia tomorrow for 5 days in a ger camp in the steppe.

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From Russia with love… Obviously.

We made it, and have been in Moscow for a couple of days. The flights weren’t too painful, but the weird sleep pattern since leaving Cornwall early Tuesday morning has taken a while to shake off.

We landed in Moscow at about 4pm local time, and with our bags quickly located, we ventured out of customs (after being shouted at by scary security women). We were fairly sure we knew how to get to the hostel, but were still quite pleased with our metro navigation skills. All the signs are in Cyrillic, but we made it.

Our hostel is nice and central. Both days we’ve been here we have wondered out and down to Red Square, exploring the streets, churches, shops, and of course, Lenin’s embalmed corpse. Weird and waxy. Moscow isn’t too scary, and we have hardly been approached by touts or tour groups at all. It’s been quite easy to find our way around the centre so far, and the lack of Russian hasn’t really held us up yet.

We met up with the rest of the Vodka Train group yesterday; there are 10 of us in total, with a mix of Aussies, Brits and an American. Everyone’s about the same age, and we went for food and some beers last night. It’s a pretty good mix of people and everyone seems quite chilled – should be an interesting 3 weeks ahead!


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Cheers then!

Laura’s dad is having a power nap; her mum, my parents, Laura and I are sat in the living room. Bags are packed, iPad is charging, travel clothes are being worn.

We’re about to leave Cornwall for the late night drive to Heathrow before our 7.20 flight. After months of planning, buying things, researching, getting married, moving out and packing, we are about to start our round the world honeymoon with our flight to Moscow. Dasvidanya home!


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28, married and living with mum and dad…

For the next week anyway.

After being so proud of how much stuff we’d managed to get rid of it still took us two van and four car loads to move all of our belongings back home.

Luckily we have some patient parents who turned up to help us clean, dismantle and help with the heavy lifting and now all of our worldly belongings are now neatly packed in attics and garages.

Although, unfortunately I seem to have packed the playstation games right at the back so it all might all have to come out again.

Apart from that we can now enjoy a week of refining our packing list and saying some goodbyes before we head off one week today!

Moving out before our Round the World Honeymoon

Saying goodbye to our house in Falmouth before our Round the World Honeymoon

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