Saigon to the Mekong

For our last week in Vietnam we spent time exploring the south. We started in Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as everyone still calls it which is unbelievably busy with motorbikes and people everywhere and some torrential rainstorms.


We’ve visited a few of the Vietnam/American war museums including the War Remnants museum and the Cu Chi Tunnels which are a network of tiny tunnels where over a thousand people lived and fought underground during the war. They’ve made them wider to allow us chubby tourists down now, but it was still a pretty claustrophobic experience in there.

Cu chi tunnels

There are examples of the hideous traps that the Viet Cong used to capture American soldiers and Sam demonstrated his manly skills by firing an AK47.

Manly Sam

After Saigon we headed into the Mekong Delta and spent two nights in a homestay. We had our first experience on the back of a Vietnamese scooter, which we had successfully avoided up until now. It was quite fun and Sam even managed a video.


After Mr Hung and his family, our hosts, had taken us to their home we chilled out in our bamboo hut looking right over the river. The rustic thing is nice, but I did freak out a tiny bit at a massive gecko that was starring down at me from the ceiling when I woke up on the first day! Perhaps a bit too authentic…

Mr hungs homestay

On Sunday morning we were up at 5.30am to take a boat trip to the floating markets. The delta has such a large network of rivers that the local market takes place on the water. Each boat sells different fruit or vegetables and advertises what it has to sell by tying a sample to a tall pole on their boat


Cai rang market

After the market and some free pineapple we went around some of the smaller canals, visiting a farm and a rice factory, and saw local people washing and swimming in the rivers. We took a bike ride around the villages where Mr Hung showed us some of the fruits that grow and took us over a bamboo bridge, where all the local kids gathered happily to see if the westerners would fall off.

Bamboo bridge

We spent a nice few evenings eating great homemade food, learning how to make spring rolls, drinking happy water and learning the Vietnamese for “Cheers” – Moch, Hai, Bah, Yo!

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