Ten days in Thailand

After 6 weeks in Cambodia, crossing the border into Thailand was a pleasant relief, with paved roads, lots of English everywhere and people driving sensibly on the left.

Crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand

Crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand

We’ve realised that we’ve got a lot of Asia left to pack in before our flight to Australia in January, so have decided to head straight to the north after one day in Bangkok and then go to Laos and Malaysia for Christmas. We will have to save Thailand’s southern beaches for another trip.

Bangkok was just like people had described to us – crazy busy and sprawling, so one day was enough for us to see some of the main sights and get started on eating a lot of thai food.

Bus station Thai curry

Bus station Thai curry

We saw the world’s largest solid gold Buddha and the world’s largest reclining Buddha and managed to miss any sign of the massive political protests that are going on somewhere in the city.

Reclining buddah

After some good street food we were happy to get the night train to Chiang Mai, although they weren’t a patch on the Russian trains! Chiang Mai was a nice place to spend a few days and to use as a base to explore the jungle and mountains that surround it.

Our first job was to find a cooking class so we can recreate some of this yummy food for ourselves (and maybe our friends and family) when we get home. We spent an awesome day at a farm on the outskirts of the city learning how to make lots of different dishes, including pad thai, green and red curry, spring rolls, thai beef salad, tom yam soup and mango with sticky rice.

Cooking school

It was all delicious, and hopefully we will be able to find all of the ingredients we need in Penryn Asda.


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One thought on “Ten days in Thailand

  1. Andy and Jenny

    we will have a look in Bodmin Sainsbury’s for you! xxzx

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