There’s nothing like Australia!

Our stop off in Sydney on the way to Auckland was only for four days, but it was definitely one of the most fantastic cities that we have been to. We loved it!

Sydney Airport... Friendliest staff ever!

Sydney Airport… Friendliest staff ever!

Apart from the awesome food, weather and sites, we had some lovely Aussies to put us up and show us round, which definitely helped us see the city in a different way.

We found our hosts through, which is a great way to find a cheap place to sleep, usually in someone’s spare room. Sally and her flat mates have a really cute house in Kiribilli with gorgeous views over the harbour, and they were all really nice, giving us the full run of their house. We cooked pasta for the first time, after 5 months of rice and noodles and it was amazing!

Happy pasta face

Happy pasta face

On our first night we had a drink in the Opera House bar, overlooking the Sydney harbour, the bridge and the opera house, which were all lit up beautifully. It was so amazing, and slightly surreal, to be sitting in front of such an famous image.

The Opera Bar at night

The Opera Bar at night

In the morning we did an excellent (and free!) walking tour around the city, learnt some good facts about Sydney and then a had a “coat of arms” pizza – half emu and half kangaroo… mmmm delicious!

The Australian Coat of Arms

The Australian Coat of Arms better on a pizza

…is better on a pizza

We then caught up with our friend Verity from Melbourne, who we met on the Trans-Siberian express, and spent the weekend with her and some of her Sydney friends. They were so lovely and took us to all the big touristy sites, as well as some interesting different local places.

We started with a very trendy brunch in a hipster cafe in Surrey Hills, before hitting Bondi beach for some sunbathing and ice cream. It was absolutely packed, but the sunshine was beautiful and the sand and water were so clean. In the evening we went to a bar that was so cool it didn’t have a sign – just a long queue of people outside – followed by a craft beer pub and a chocolate bar, where they only serve chocolate themed things.

Bondi fun with the locals

Bondi fun with the locals

The next day we managed to see a show at the Opera House, although not anything very cultured unfortunately. The opera itself was over $100, so we managed to get some $25 tickets for a “Vegas style magic show” called The Illusionists, by getting up early and doing some good queuing! It’s an awesome building and, although it was not what the auditorium was built for, the show itself was pretty fun :-).

Nothing wrong with the cheap seats

Nothing wrong with the cheap seats

Sydney was brilliant, and we have decided we definitely need to come back to Australia again one day. Now on to Auckland to be met at the airport by mum and dad. Really looking forward to seeing them… and to being properly fed and looked after!

Bye bye Sydney

Bye bye Sydney

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