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Well, we have joined up with the Honeymooners….seems a bit weird,but it is great to see these two wild-looking travellers, healthy, tanned, slimmer, and happy.

We embarrassed them straight away by greeting them with a lovely sign, welcoming them to Auckland. They came out of the Arrivals area and walked straight past. Oh well!

Welcome to New Zealand!

Welcome to New Zealand!

We have been in New Zealand for two weeks already. What an amazing, beautiful and completely indescribable place. We feel so relaxed and Sam and Laura too have got straight in to the way of life.

Staying in a 'Bach' in the coromandel

Staying in a ‘Bach’ in the coromandel

We are staying in Tairua in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Pacific and the coast towards Hot Water Beach, which we tried this morning. Took us a few minutes to get it but after scalding our feet we finally made a pool and, basically, had a hot bath in the sand. The water seeps up from a thermal well on the beach and people bring their spades and dig and wallow…sheer bliss. The first beach we have been to where we have had to sit within 100 yards of other human beings.

Hot springs on Hot Water Beach

Hot springs on Hot Water Beach

Sam and Laura bought us a scenic flight over the Coromandel peninsular. It is hard to describe the beauty and the sense of uninhabited wilderness that you get from the air.

Scenic flight over the Coromandel

Scenic flight over the Coromandel

It is great spending time with Sam and Laura. I have spooked Sam a bit by showing him the Maori sign of respect between men (and some of these Maori men are huge).
If you are reading this then we have managed to get wifi by sitting outside the town library in Tairua, bars and restaurants do not automatically have wifi (maybe a good thing!)

Tairua beach

Tairua beach

Thanks for reading this, the longest piece of writing I have done since an essay I wrote in 2nd year at school.
Pete Bower (Father/Father-in-Law)

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