From Russia with love… Obviously.

We made it, and have been in Moscow for a couple of days. The flights weren’t too painful, but the weird sleep pattern since leaving Cornwall early Tuesday morning has taken a while to shake off.

We landed in Moscow at about 4pm local time, and with our bags quickly located, we ventured out of customs (after being shouted at by scary security women). We were fairly sure we knew how to get to the hostel, but were still quite pleased with our metro navigation skills. All the signs are in Cyrillic, but we made it.

Our hostel is nice and central. Both days we’ve been here we have wondered out and down to Red Square, exploring the streets, churches, shops, and of course, Lenin’s embalmed corpse. Weird and waxy. Moscow isn’t too scary, and we have hardly been approached by touts or tour groups at all. It’s been quite easy to find our way around the centre so far, and the lack of Russian hasn’t really held us up yet.

We met up with the rest of the Vodka Train group yesterday; there are 10 of us in total, with a mix of Aussies, Brits and an American. Everyone’s about the same age, and we went for food and some beers last night. It’s a pretty good mix of people and everyone seems quite chilled – should be an interesting 3 weeks ahead!


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