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Like a Khan!

Time to catch up a bit on the blog… We have just reached China following a week in Mongolia, and it was amazing. It is one of the most interesting countries we’ve ever been to. We arrived in Ulaanbaatar at 6am to be met by our Vodkatrain honcho, a guy called Louis. He was with us throughout our time there and was brilliant.

Because we couldn’t check in that early, we had a drive around the city, which at that time was practically empty – we climbed a Soviet era viewing platform for a panorama of UB, and visited the city square and parliament building, which features a statue of the main man around here, Chinggis (Genghis) Khan. We also checked out a few Buddhist temples and the National Museum – more awesome Khan fun.


After finally checking in and power napping, we went out for the best and most surreal night of the trip so far. An all you can eat Mongolian grill, followed by a keg of beer and bottles of Chinggis vodka in a hybrid German / Mongolian bar called Khan Brau. We saw a Mongolian rock band, and finally decided that karaoke would be a good idea – belting out Toto’s Africa in Ulaanbaatar is now off the bucket list.

Very hungover, we headed out to the Terelj National Park the following morning, an ideal journey after the night we’d just had…

20130901-210829.jpg 20130901-210908.jpg

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