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From Europe to Asia

We’ve just reached Lake Baikal after spending four days on the Trans-Siberian railway. We have travelled about 5,000k across Russia and Siberia and on the third day we passed from Europe into Asia. Our excellent Lonely Planet guide book said the was some sort of obelisk you can see out of the window to mark it, but we missed it. We must have been too busy playing card games, reading and drinking vodka obviously.

The train is an experience; 4 days and nights on a train, wandering between carriages and watching the world roll by is the only thing you can do. Worth more writing about at a later date.

The time on the train passed pretty well because we keep going through time zones so we are now 8 hours ahead of the UK. It was nice to reach Irkutsk and spend the day and night by the world’s deepest lake. It’s been rainy and cold, but we had to go for a swim while we were here, which was pretty cold at 15 degrees.

Lake Baikal swimming

We’re back on the train tonight and will head into Mongolia tomorrow for 5 days in a ger camp in the steppe.

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